Building Automation System (BAS) and Wireless Radiator Valve Control System Installed for The Ninth Largest Office Building in NYC

Summary: Installed a Building Automation System (BAS) and wireless radiator valve control system at the ninth largest office building in NYC,  enabling the building owner to monitor and control all heating and cooling plant operations from a central web based location. This system furnishes a reporting and alerting interface to building operations personnel to assist in identifying and resolving operational issues with the mechanical systems as they arise.

  • The system enables full control of perimeter heating and boiler plant operation along with control and monitoring capabilities for the water, cooling towers, sump pump pits and sand pillars at the site.
  • Sentient specified & designed the new steam valve control system  providing thermostats, powered by ambient light, that control over 400 radiators and feeder valves located throughout the building. The solution allows these valves to be controlled locally in standalone mode via a local thermostat/sensor and in networked mode through the Building Automation System (BAS).
  • Overall savings of 20% achieved. Awarded one of the largest rebates by NYSERDA for a commercial building project.