600 Apartments Outfitted with IoT Baseboard Heating and Control Solution for Keith & Kelly (Hudson Valley Property Group)

Summary: Utilizing our open platform IoT technology, Sentient installed wireless electric baseboard heating control system for three properties totalling 600 apartments. The solution provides the following capabilities:

  • Individual thermostatic control of temperature setpoints in each apartment with globally defined upper limits on maximum indoor air temperatures to prevent over/excessive heating.
  • Scheduling capabilities to create occupied/unoccupied and day/night indoor setpoint settings globally or by apartment.
  • Trending/alarming of all system points to detect faults and identify under/over-heating conditions.
  • Analytics to detect open windows and use of auxiliary heat sources to prevent potential energy waste.
  • Mobile and Web based access to system for building operators and management.
  • Achieved 24% reduction in weather normalized electric usage over prior period.